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Arizona Attorneys for Criminal Justice Awards

Each year the AACJ Board of Governors reviews the accomplishments of its members to determine which, if any of its awards, should be bestowed upon those members whose accomplishments warrant recognition.

 John J. Flynn Lifetime Achievement Award 

This is AACJ's highest award.  It is given to the criminal defense professional whose achievements and dedication to the protection of constitutional rights and the pursuit of justice deserve special recognition.  The award will be presented to a criminal defense professional who has earned over the years, through his or her accomplishments and integrity, a special recognition among his or her peers.

William Rothstein Achievement Award

The Rothstein Achievement Award is given to that member practicing in one of Arizona's rural counties who exemplifies special commitment and skill in his or her representation of clients in "small town Arizona."  This award honors long time AACJ member, the late William Rothstein of Nogales.

Jack Williams Appellate Achievement Award.

This award is bestowed upon that member who demonstrates great skill, creativity and success in appellate practice in Arizona.  Created to honor the late Jack Williams of Prescott, a founding member of AACJ, highly regarded for his appellate work.

Tom Karas Indigent Defense Award.

Created to honor Arizona's first Federal Public Defender, Tom Karas, this award is presented to that member or organization for special service to the indigent defense community in Arizona.

Vanguard Leadership Award

This award recognizes outstanding leadership in criminal defense.  It is given to that member whose service to AACJ demonstrates his or her commitment to the goals and mission of this organization.

Past President Award

An award to acknowledge the out-going President's dedication and tireless work during the past year.

Presidential Commendation(s)

Commendations are awarded by the outgoing president to person(s) of his/her choice whose achievements during the past year warrant special recognition.

2019 Award Recipients

John J. Flynn Lifetime Achievement Award - Michael Bloom

Vanguard Leadership Award - Tim Agan

Tom Karas Indigent Defense Award - John Canby

William Rothstein Achievement Award - Steve Harvey

Past President Award - Craig Rosenstein

Presidential Commendations:

Lawrence Koplow

Alex Lane

Walter Nash

2018 Award Recipients

John J. Flynn Lifetime Achievement Award - James Belanger

Vanguard Leadership Award - Kathleen Brody

Tom Karas Indigent Defense Award - James Haas

William Rothstein Achievement Award - Grace Guisewite

Past President Award - Amy Kalman

Presidential Commendations:

Amy P. Knight

Julia Cassels

2017 Award Recipients

John J. Flynn Lifetime Achievement Award - Rich Robertson

Vanguard Leadership Award - David Euchner

Jack Williams Appellate Achievement Award - Mikel Steinfeld

Past President Award - John Sears

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